Voice Marketing

As artificial Intelligence and machine-learning become more ubiquitous in today’s digital landscape, consumers are growing more accustomed to voice-activated technology and on-demand interactions. To keep up with the trend, brands need to create conversational interfaces for their audiences through voice design services.


To enable brands to strengthen their relationship with their audience by building conversational interfaces that connect with consumers, gather data and alleviates strain on the workforce.


Voice design services are the first consumer-facing versions of machine learning and artificial intelligence out there. By making these services accessible, AMP is helping brands extend their tone and voice into the digital search space. This will enable brands to use voice as a marketing application that can acquire new customers, upsell existing customers and leverage an always-on approach to customer service.

While others may only be able to offer voice development, strategy or measurement, AMP can offer any combination of Strategy, UX, Creative, Development and Measurement capabilities for all of our end-to-end solutions. These include:

Optimizing website content for Google’s Assistant-voiced answers

Creating Alexa Skills and Google Actions for informational content, ecommerce, home automation and entertainment

Conversational chatbots that can be delivered as:

Informational bots that quickly answer user questions to alleviate customer support

Sales integration bots that qualify leads, connect information to existing CRM profiles and set up further marketing communications


Defining how a brand can reach its audience as they interface with voice-enabled technology is what our voice marketing engagement is all about.

To achieve this, we begin with a strategy phase that uncovers:

  • How the brand’s target audience is using voice technology now
  • How voice fits into the brand’s overall marketing and/or communication strategy
  • What facets of the brand’s marketing strategy fits the unique format of a voice-enabled experience


Building For Voice Assistants


The next step in our process is voice design. During this phase, AMP builds out the dialogue between the user and the voice-enabled bot, mapping out every facet of the conversation to ensure there are no dead ends. To make sure the conversation feels organic and rewarding for the user, our strategy and voice design teams work closely together throughout this part of the process. 


Once our voice design is ready, we begin prepping for voice training. This phase is a coordinated effort between our search, strategy and tech teams to uncover variations of each piece of dialogue. It's best to continue this work after the voice assistant is live; however, a good foundation is needed to give users a positive experience from the beginning.


When our voice training foundation is complete, we’re ready to go live. Since there is something that can be learned from every interaction, AMP provides maintenance and analysis services to continue optimizing based on performance after launch. Our team can provide insights that can help you make changes to the app experience and inform your business with real customer conversation data.


AMP has experience building voice assistants within a variety of contexts, and we continue to optimize our deployment process through partnerships and continued innovation in the voice technology space.


Building For Voice Search


When optimizing your website for organic search performance, understanding how your audience searches for the services and/or product your brand provides is one of the first steps.  This understanding is reached through keyword research – the process of defining the phrases your audience uses when they use a search engine to gain information about your brand, industry and unique offerings. 


For voice search, AMP seeks to discover natural language questions as a part of our keyword research process. These questions are relevant to your brand’s business goals and are best suited to trigger a featured snippet result in Google. Most often, a featured snippet is the answer to a voiced query as they appear at the top of organic search results.


Once a list of natural language questions has been finalized, AMP provides a strategy and recommendations to modify your website so that it has content that answers each of the identified natural language questions thoroughly. Following the recommendations, your website will be primed to offer your brand’s content as the scripted answer that Google Assistant reads back to the voiced question.


After the recommendations are implemented, AMP monitors search result updates based on the changes made to the site. After initial successes are achieved, we iterate on the process to discover new or modified natural language questions to target for which we can optimize the site.



Leveraged Microsoft or IBM Watson machine learning and AI services to do a variety of AI oriented tasks like, facial recognition, voice recognition, sentiment analysis and more.

SKYN Condoms

Leverage Microsoft or IBM Watson machine learning and AI services to do a variety of AI oriented tasks like, facial recognition, voice recognition, sentiment analysis and more.

AMP Agency

Working with our technology partner Voicify, we created a voice app for our own agency. Learn more about the voice app and the team that made it.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.

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