Connecting brands to their audience’s needs.


Consumers don’t seek brands or advertisements. They seek answers, explore interests, and accomplish tasks. They use search engines to find solutions for any need they have. There’s a ripe opportunity for brands to create content that’s both desired and useful to the consumer. Content that creates a dialogue vs. a monologue. Content that helps users now and in the future.

By creating content that satisfies an audience’s needs, brands become a trusted partner, not a one-time destination.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is two-fold: establish an ownable presence with foundational content that is easy for a brand’s audience to find, then constantly optimize this presence by creating new content that aligns with the ever-changing needs of the consumer.


  • Holistic organic search strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Technical site audit and recommendations
  • Content strategy and recommendations
  • Continual web property optimization
  • Cross-channel integration
  • SEO campaign management
  • Google Search Console data monitoring and analysis
  • Amazon Store and product page optimization
  • YouTube channel and video optimization
  • Link building
  • Search insights for brand strategy
  • Search listening



Success in organic search is rooted in leveraging the channel’s greatest strength: its ability to capture a consumer’s interest at the moment they are looking to satisfy a need.

Through research backed by data, we align keywords with content and landing pages to match and serve the audience’s needs, building a brand’s value to the consumer by providing them with specific information they are seeking at that moment.

Our SEO initiatives are rooted in data. It allows us to understand consumers’ needs and their search intent, which helps us determine the most valuable content needed to address a user’s desires. From there, we optimize the brand’s website to deliver search engine visibility which drives engagement and conversions.

We engage in extensive, in-depth keyword research across the entire span of searches relevant to the brand. Search keywords are grouped by topic (i.e., what is the particular product or service being sought?) and intent (i.e., what action does the searcher intend to take?). These keywords are then appropriately targeted with aligned messaging and content as a part of our SEO engagements.


SEO Services

Brands who want to invest in their organic search channel can benefit greatly from a partnership with an SEO agency. Doing so enables them to have the current situation of their website audited and receive recommendations that will set the foundation of future success. Our team of experts can analyze your site quickly and create the updates needed so that a brand’s site is in line with SEO best practices. Once implemented, visibility in search engine results will increase, driving qualified traffic and conversions.

Beyond our initial strategy, ongoing optimization is paramount for continued success in search engine optimization. The value of organic search lies in its unparalleled ability for a brand to communicate to their audience in the moment they are actively seeking it. Because as audiences’ needs change, the work of the team managing your organic search traffic channel must continuously monitor and adjust the strategy in order to reach more of the targeted audience, better satisfy their needs and keep them engaged on site.

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Technical SEO: Site Audits & Optimization

SEO technical compliance is rooted in ensuring that websites are properly representing themselves to search engines. While search engines are continually improving the way they crawl and index websites, the primary technology they use is still limited in its capabilities.

Our site audit process starts with crawling the site using a best-in-breed tool that mimics the way spiders access and follow links. After the crawl is complete, we analyze the results for errors, URLs that cannot be accessed, on-page content and tags that cannot be accessed, and overall optimization recommendations.

Whether we are building a new or updating an existing website, SEO technical compliance best practices are applied throughout the planning and development process to ensure that SEO-friendly platforms are selected. We also ensure that website functionality does not impede SEO, and that SEO specific tags are properly applied to communicate the value and meaning of site pages as clearly as possible.

Content Strategy, Optimization & Promotion

Achieving the best results from content requires an organic search strategy that is rooted in knowledge of what consumers are searching for, as well as a future-focused view into what kind of content they will want in both the short and long term. For this strategy to be effective, it requires a keyword analysis, an understanding of the competitive landscape, and industry & cultural trends. 

Combining data points results in powerful strategies that can position a brand as a leader in their space. However, it’s not enough to create great content. Brands need an effective promotion plan to support getting the right content in front of the right readers and implement optimization strategies to ensure they are responding effectively to what the market demands.

Our approach to creating great content strategies and optimization plans are rooted in collecting data on the brand and their market, cultural trends that drive behavior change and the brand’s own site analytics. By combining these data points with findings from an extensive set of research tools to understand search intent and historical learnings, we develop relevant audience personas that include an understanding of the target consumers’ content consumption habits. 

With AMP’s Content Studio, we can design content in-house, ensuring the brand’s strategy and key messaging points are translated across every consumer touchpoint. Through our display, search and social expertise, we are able to create rich content promotion plans that target the right audience to drive traffic, gain awareness, increase social followers and increase SEO value through linking with authoritative and relevant partner sites.

Beyond The Website

Outside of the brand’s website, there are many other web properties that can be optimized for Google’s algorithm. AMP provides services for other websites with search functionality that have ranking algorithms like Amazon and YouTube where performance can be improved with specific optimization.

Google My Business Optimization (Local SEO)

For brands that have multiple locations, it’s imperative to have a local SEO strategy. A big component of that strategy is the setup and optimization of Google MyBusiness (GMB) accounts. With our AMP SEO team’s experience in creating and managing GMB accounts, we can help your brand maximize visibility on keywords with a local intent. 

Amazon Store Optimization (eCommerce SEO)

Amazon’s A9 algorithm ranks product detail pages (PDPs) on their ability to drive sales on the site. The AMP SEO team is well versed in optimizing PDPs, which means we can help your brand to appear more prominently on keywords queried on based on content and conversion enhancements.  

YouTube Optimization (Video SEO)

YouTube boasts having the second largest user query volume (right behind Google) and has its own algorithm to rank videos based on keyword queries. With the AMP SEO team’s proven track record, we can help your brand optimize YouTube video titles and descriptions to drive more views and engagement from the audience seeking information on YouTube.


Search Insights for Brand Strategy

The AMP Agency SEO team collects search data from a number of tools to help you understand your audience better. By gathering and analyzing your audience’s keyword queries, we can provide insights on the wants and needs for services, information, and purchases related to your brand. Along with these tangible topics, our team have provide insights into your audience emotions, including their concerns and wishes about your brand and their behaviors related to how and when they seek our your services and products most often. These Search Insights for Brand Strategy can be used to power strategic decisions for your business like new product development, update user manuals, and marketing budget planning.


Search Listening

Our team can monitor Google searches on a continuous basis to provide the latest thoughts about your brand, services, and/ or products. We monitor and gather insights on keywords related to your brand, industry, and competitors and provide actionable insights on a monthly or quarterly basis.




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  • Zillow
  • RXbar
  • Sam Edelman
  • Eastern Bank
  • Relax The Back
  • Hasbro
  • Mission Foods

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