Public Relations

Telling brand stories that pique the public’s interest.


Every brand and product has a story. Telling those stories in an engaging and authentic way isn’t easy. That’s where AMP comes in. We believe in a multi-pronged approach to PR that couples personalized, tailored storytelling with a customized outreach strategy and the recommended addition of non-traditional media tactics, including paid editorial and influencer marketing. As consumers become more skeptical of brand-driven communication, third-party validation and evangelism are more important than ever. In order to work effectively, we believe PR must be synced with all marketing channel strategies to create maximum impact for overall brand communication amongst consumers.


  • Media Relations Strategy & Planning 
    We create tailored outreach strategies lead by key learnings, coverage and media landscape analysis to ensure maximum message pull-through and outreach impact.
  • Pitching & Media Relations Execution
    Ensuring pitch efforts are engaging, relevant and newsworthy helps our team drive interest in our clients’ products or services.
  • Media Relationship Management:
    We curate and maintain key media relationships with the intent of building mutually beneficial relationships and brand affinity.
  • Coverage Monitoring and Reporting
    Along with measuring the impact of media relations efforts by keeping close tabs on all client coverage, competitive placements and crisis situations, we maintain meticulous records to inform weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Media Materials Development
    Earned media efforts are only as effective as their communications pieces. In order to ensure we communicate a brand’s message in the most effective way possible, we bring a critical eye and years of writing experience to everything we create.
  • Media Relations Audit & Competitor Analysis 
    In addition to the analysis of competitor messaging and coverage placements, we evaluate the media landscape and curation of priority “media that matter” target outreach list in order to maintain a well-rounded understanding of the space.

  • Crisis Communications 
    We understand the importance of building brand equity and strategically distributing a brand's key messages to minimize the effect of negative publicity.
  • Paid Editorial Coordination
    To create a well-rounded media presence, we identify and execute paid editorial partnerships that amplify campaign messaging communicated across third-party marketing channels.
  • Product Launches & Special Announcements 
    We prioritize the development of comprehensive go-to-market media plans for product launches and newsworthy brand announcements that closely align with strategies for social, digital and in-person marketing efforts.
  • Event/Campaign Amplification
    To support event awareness and attendance via pre-event media relations efforts, we work to integrate with event marketing teams when developing and executing a PR plan.
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Coverage Analysis
    In order to understand the impact of media coverage, we don’t just look at impressions or reach. We examine tone, message pull-through and product features, as these can all extend the uses for media coverage to brand-owned efforts.


In order to communicate with consumers, brands should start by crafting a cohesive and engaging message – and that’s just the easy part. Ensuring that those messages resonate with target audiences AND cut through the noise is the challenge. Determining how your brand can contribute to cultural conversations in a meaningful way is imperative to remaining relevant in the rapidly changing print and digital ecosystem.


Once we have a brand message to stand on, we follow a series of steps crafted by our experience that allows us to effectively share that message with the world.


Through a deep-dive brand audit, we identify different brand and product storytelling opportunities that will resonate with your brand's key target audience, as well as evaluate your brand position in its specific category and market. From these vantage points, we can determine the best medium for communication of your brand’s message. Is it highly visual? Does it require a spokesperson? Will product demos serve the message? 


Following the identification of the appropriate storytelling opportunities, we then build a strategy. During this process, we answer the questions of who, what, where, when, and why to determine what the KPIs for success look like. With this information, we can curate strategic recommendations for the best mediums, media contacts, timelines and tactics for your brand messaging.

Planning + Prep

Timing and preparation are everything. In order for each brand story to have its moment, we advise that brands carefully plan launches, events and announcements through a holistic approach. This helps to ensure not only that big storytelling moments for your brand don’t compete with cultural moments, but also that spokespeople and information sources are well-rounded and prepared for media. 


The biggest part of our role as PR professionals isn't just helping you craft the perfect message – it's cultivating relationships with key media to tell your brand story. From our experience, we’ve found that the best pieces come from our media friendlies in the editorial space. As such, in the beginning stages of partnership, we identify these partners and begin the process of building mutually beneficial relationships. 


These days, a well-rounded PR approach includes more than traditional media relations. By examining other communication avenues such as paid editorial placements, influencers, and SMTs, we can further drive brand messaging with a unique spin.

At every stage from message curation to optimization, we help brands reach consumers in effective ways. Take a look at a few examples below.




The Red Bulletin – an international lifestyle magazine published by Red Bull Media House since 2005 – asked us to create and develop a “Big Moment” experience for their first solely-owned, branded experience in celebration of their December Heroes of the Year issue. To achieve this, we helped them plan and promote a party at Red Bull Arts in Chelsea, NYC.

By naming annual heroes and celebrating them with an event for the first time ever, The Red Bulletin created a splash in the news cycle and created its own “news” with a special announcement. We then leveraged the announcement as a whole and used the heroes’ unique stories to create a curated list of NYC-based contacts to invite and attend the event. Beyond inviting over 200 relevant media members and social media contacts via digital invitations in the SplashThat platform, we also shared an advanced copy of the December Heroes of the Year Issue, a press release and a Know Before You go informational one-sheet for attendees. The results? 1,659,352 potential daily impressions to-date.


Pier 1

In November 2018, Pier 1 partnered with us to drive product storytelling through media relations efforts. Throughout the year that followed, we built strong relationships with key media contacts that not only helped us garner Pier 1 placements in key lifestyle outlets month-over-month, but successfully positioned Pier 1 as a go-to source in the home decor space.

Specifically, we implemented a local storytelling approach focused on broadcast media in an effort to drive in-store traffic and product interest in key target markets. Tailoring pitches to each market and centering segments around what was available at local stores helped drive local consumer interest and brand consideration. These relationships ultimately yielded nearly as many inbound request-based placements as earned placements, resulting in an average of 3x greater monthly impressions YOY.



Since 1977, Maruchan has been making America’s highest quality Ramen noodles. In addition to their longstanding popularity among the college-aged audience, Maruchan sought to grow the premium ramen category by expanding their appeal to busy moms. To meet this challenge, we helped Maruchan build a multi-pronged influencer and media relations campaign.

To compliment our experiential tours and influencer support, we secured a custom segment on a local media outlet to highlight the tour. We had California influencer, Lindsey Baruch, join the two morning anchors of a popular KTLA morning show to introduce Maruchan GOLD to their viewing audience right before the tour kicked off. In addition to the conversation about Maruchan GOLD, the preview of the bento box and golden airstream gave viewers a sneak peek at what they could expect to experience with the tour. The segment garnered an estimated 3.16M impressions and several tour visitors mentioned date segment as a reason they attended.





Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.

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