How our innovations helped one of the world’s most powerful brands connect digital consumers to retail.


As Nike’s marketing muscle shifted increasingly towards digital, it turned to AMP to help extend that transition in multiple ways. In an ongoing partnership spanning several years, AMP has helped develop initiatives for Nike ranging from CRM and social media to influencer campaigns and corporate responsibility.

Here’s how we helped a sprawling global brand leverage digital to build more intimate customer experiences.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Retail Kiosks
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Web & Mobile Web Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Digital CRM Retail Activation


Every aspect of Nike’s digital communication needs to balance targeted tactical goals with the awe-inspiring storytelling that defines the Nike brand. This effort demands distilling brand communication ideas generated for a global scale into more local and customized experiences that enable individual customers to engage with Nike on a one-to-one basis.


Every day, consumers and local influencers broadcast their sweat and hard work on multiple channels. Each of these chroniclers represents a unique opportunity to foster an authentic consumer relationship.



From retail to mobile to social and CRM, we developed a series of digital solutions that help translate Nike’s global message in more targeted ways for individual consumers.

Digital Retail CRM: Enhanced Customer Profiles

Nike’s CRM team asked AMP to imagine a CRM-focused digital kiosk at retail that would help strengthen its customer information database. We looked beyond retail and recommended that Nike use its ongoing sports-related event sponsorships as an additional, previously untapped opportunity to break out of the box.

Nike’s World Cup viewing parties offered a perfect opportunity to test this expansion. So we kicked off the Nike Soccer Shootout, an interactive, soccer-centric experience capable of engaging fans and collecting data both in stores and at events.

Mobile Experience: Playing To Consumer Passions

To complement its retail and event kiosks, AMP created the Nike Soccer Shootout mobile experience to solicit interest information from visitors before leading them through a series of tactical and trivia challenges. At the end of the quiz, each user is recommended an ideal Nike shoe for his or her preferred style of play and invited to share his/her quiz score on Facebook and Twitter.

Promoting the site at stores and events, including the World Cup Players Lounge in its flagship New York City Niketown store, marked a successful first step for Nike into event-based data capture.


Social Media: Turning Influencers Into Heroes

With the launch of its fitness-tracking NikeFuel band, Nike sought to build engagement via digital content and OOH advertising marked by the hashtag #GameOnWorld. AMP was tasked with translating this massive global campaign into success at the local level by making it feel like a local phenomenon in neighborhoods up and down the West Coast.

To do this, we set up a comprehensive social monitoring and engagement program that allowed us to zero in on everyday athletes. Once we identified the most active and influential local runners, ballers, hikers and bikers in each community, we connected them to the #GameOnWorld campaign, pushing the program forward at a grassroots level.


As consumers began to take up the challenge, we celebrated their hard work and discipline with daily social storylines.


We elevated local consumer contributions into campaign communications – turning UGC into digital ads for #Gameonworld.


To reach a broader audience, we also took local influencers out on high-energy photo shoots and portrayed them in the same heroic light as their professional counterparts.


Hand-in-hand with athlete storytelling, we used digital channels as a connection to point to local events, in-store promotions and product releases.


CSR: Designing A Better World

In a separate arena, Nike challenged AMP to turn its 178-page Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) into an intriguing online experience.

Our re-imaged CSR experience helped Nike fans and shareholders engage more deeply with the company through exclusive interviews with leadership and behind-the-scenes videos that explore Nike culture, innovation and community involvement.


The site is highlighted by an interactive map pinpointing every Nike factory throughout the world. Visitors are able to select from any of 46 countries to learn about Nike employment information for that territory, including factory demographics, total sales, and the manufacturing profile.


The site also offers quick links to company information, such as environmental goals, company processes and employment policies, while presenting visual data that ranks Nike’s social impact, resource utilization and sustainable practices.




expertise_digital-installations_nike_video01 (1)

Retail CRM

Digital kiosks at retail help strengthen customer database for awareness-building communications.

Mobile Experience

Engages fans’ passions and drives advocacy via social sharing.

Influencer/Social Media Campaign

Engagement via influencers and social channels fosters awareness, consideration, ownership and advocacy.

CSR Experience Redesign

Drives awareness and advocacy by showcasing Nike’s social impact.


Our initiatives helped a global giant engage fans on a personal level, while our local social engagement program for the West Coast outpaced operations for other cities participating in the Nike+ campaign nationwide. Together, they drove significant activity for Nike’s most coveted metric: athletes at play.


+ 12K

Local Mentions of Nike LA Program

+ 219

Local Consumers Profiles in Campaign

+ 93MM

Social Reach for @NikeLA

+ 10MM

Nike+ Miles Run

+ 200MM

Nike Fuel Points Earned

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