Influencer Marketing

Propelling brands through powerful people.


Building brand trust can be tricky business, especially since today’s savvy consumers seek validation not from brands themselves, but from third-party reviews and testimonies. That’s where influencers come in. They’re powerful, relatable and inspirational to niche audiences – and at AMP Agency, we know how to use that to your brand’s advantage. For each influencer marketing campaign we create, our team utilizes a strategic, customized, tiered approach. This helps us leverage influencer tactics that best serve the program call to action and KPIs while sharing messages that genuinely resonate with your audience.


  • Influencer Strategy & Planning 
    Planning tailored influencer programs that leverage varied tiers of partnership and content execution tactics is at the core of what we do.
  • Outreach & Communication 
    Executing tactful influencer communications on behalf of our clients and partners is the cornerstone of any successful influencer marketing campaign.
  • Relationship Management 
    In order to build strong connections between brands and influencers, we establish and maintain long-term relationships with influencer partnerships as we work to foster a brand ambassador-style rapport.
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    We track the success of influencer marketing campaigns through qualitative and quantitative metrics, as well as leverage key program takeaways to inform future recommendations, tactics and strategies.
  • Influencer Briefing Materials Development
    When it comes to influencer marketing, it’s all about the details. We create detailed briefs that guide what our influencers post to ensure our influencers are poised for success and all content is aligned with the brand we are promoting.
  • Influencer Marketing Audit & Competitor Analysis
    We’re fully aware that AMP isn’t the only agency in the influencer marketing game. So to inform our own strategies, we constantly evaluate competitor influencer marketing efforts, from the types of influencers they partner with, the messaging they use and the cadence of their partnerships.
  • Influencer Messaging Development
    Successful brand messaging isn’t just about what a brand says, but how and where they say it. That’s why we not only identify which brand messages will benefit from influencer amplification, but tailor each one to specific target audiences.
  • Contracting & Negotiations
    Don’t worry – we’ll handle the nitty-gritty. By bringing our expertise and experience to influencer contracting and negotiations, we’re able to quickly and efficiently manage the least fun part of the influencer process.
  • In-Person/Event Appearance Management
    We amplify campaign launches and experiential marketing events through on-site management of influencer partners. This includes real-time content reviews, pre-event coordination and content capture.


When it comes to breaking through the noise of today’s consumer-reviews-driven landscape, influencer marketing can serve as a one-two punch for your brand. By sharing messaging through relatable personal experience while generating content that can be used across various mediums, brands can successfully diversify their communications with authentic third-party validation. But in order to be effective, influencer relations efforts must maintain authenticity. That’s why at AMP, we cultivate deep, long-term relationships that make our influencers true ambassadors for any brand we work with.


Tiered Influencer Approach

In order to effectively increase brand exposure, grow brand affinity and maximize influencer marketing budgets, we leverage a tiered influencer relations approach. By combining the use of micro, mid-tier and macro-influencers, we’re able to reach a broader range of engaged consumers within the target audience, prioritize a variety of content executions and build relationships at each level of the influencer marketing pyramid.

Brand Ambassadors

The time of one-off, impactful influencer engagements for brands is over. Instead, brands should focus on cultivating deep relationships with influencers. By making influencer partners long-term brand ambassadors, lasting brand affinity can be built among influencers and their followers, which leads to value-add content, authentic product reviews and, ultimately, increased ROI.

Content Extensions

Despite relying on third-parties to share brand messages, influencer marketing should be closely aligned with all communication efforts your brand has in place in order to be impactful. That being said, influencers should also be leveraged for more than social posts encouraging followers to purchase their product. By repurposing influencer content on organic social, paid social, earned media and digital, brands can extend the impact of influencer created assets while creating cohesive messaging between brand- and influencer-created content.



Maruchan Gold

In 2019, Maruchan Inc. came to AMP with the goal of driving interest in their new product offering, Maruchan GOLD. How did AMP respond? By creating a multi-pronged influencer and media relations campaign. AMP partnered with four top-tier food influencers and conducted media relations outreach in the LA-area to amplify the traveling Maruchan Airstream. We were able to leverage an influencer partner in spokesperson capacity for an on-camera KTLA segment, extending the impact of the partnership. Plus, AMP engaged 150 media, influencers and celebrities with a fully-branded product mailer.

The combination of these efforts resulted in 237 social posts and 18M social media impressions over the month-long program.



In the world of marketing, awareness is key – and for value denim brands DENIZEN from Levi’s and Signature by Levi Strauss & Co., they wanted to raise more of it.. So AMP helped them launch ongoing influencer marketing campaigns for both brands from the ground up. To date, we've partnered with 50+ fashion and lifestyle influencers, and integration of influencer content has resulted in 80% higher engagement than Levi's brand imagery. Influencer content also makes up 90% of the brands' organic content calendars.

Social and influencer work was positioned as one of the top marketing sales drivers for both DENIZEN and Signature brands, according to an internal Levi Strauss & Co. research study (QRC, 2018). Beyond this, DENIZEN also experienced a 176% increase in Engagement and 197% increase in Reach on Facebook, as well as a 3,507% increase in Link Clicks and 150% increase in Follower Count on Instagram.



To promote the launch of Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask, AMP produced a multifaceted “Stress Less" kit that not only included the Cica Sleeping Mask, but an adult mindfulness coloring book and pens, a mini zen garden, and a unique Laneige Spotify stress less playlist.

The Laneige “Stress Less" kit was sent to a geographically diverse set of influencers hailing all the way from Los Angeles to Dallas and from Miami to New York City.

With 150 influencers and 50 media surpassing 30M estimated social media impressions, the launch proved to be a success based on the engagement of influencers who chose to post about the product launch.





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