Experience Design
& Development

We create digital experiences that enable businesses to drive engagement, and amplify their brand offerings across the entire customer lifecycle.


We operate at the intersection of strategy, design and technology to deliver impactful digital experiences. Our multi-disciplinary team of strategists, product managers, designers and developers work in close collaboration to deliver solutions that are in line with the goals of both the business and its customers. Relentless focus on the entire customer journey allows us to create ground-breaking digital experiences that drive tangible business results.



  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Creative Strategy 
  • Program Management
  • Platform Architecture & Technology Strategy

UX Design

  • User Research Research
  • Usability Assessments
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframes


  • Brand Development 
  • Creative/Visual Design
  • Content Audits
  • Design Systems Development
  • Production Design & Style Guides

Experience Development

  • Web & Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • E-Commerce Builds
  • Platform Integrations (CRM, DMP, CDP)
  • Measurement Implementation
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • Digital Installations
  • Emerging Experiences (AR/VR, Voice)
  • Feature and UAT Testing


We understand what it takes to launch great digital experiences. Our approach is rooted in a proven process that brings products and services to market efficiently and at scale.

Discover: We understand the business problem we are addressing, examine the competitive landscape and best practices, conduct research and understand the existing technology and marketing infrastructure. We leverage this work to generate insights and draft a preliminary approach.

Design: We begin to bring the concepts to life. After exploring the core user flows through an information architecture and interaction model, we create preliminary designs via wireframes. As we validate the design approach, we iterate to higher fidelity designs and prototypes. Our development team begins to codify the technical architecture and integrate the underlying design system. 

Build: Our developers work hand-in-hand with the design team to implement the full experience. We build out the underlying technology, measurement and optimization frameworks, as well as any third-party integrations. Testing in parallel with development allows us to streamline the path to deployment and ensure that we are building for now and the future.

Release: Our cross-disciplinary teams work collaboratively to bring the product to market. Encapsulating everything from code deployment, performance and acceptance testing to author training, we work closely with internal and external teams to ensure all the pieces are in place for a successful launch. We can be in full control of servers, releasing code and managing DNS; or simply provide consulting to your team.

Optimize: Optimization is an ongoing process, with an aim to measure performance against the key performance metrics defined earlier. Post-launch, we analyze performance, user behavior, and the product roadmap to identify areas for optimization and improvement. This process ensures optimal performance over the lifecycle of the product.



When Fujitsu Computer Products of America (FCPA) asked us to redesign their website from the ground up in order to help position them as a thought leader in the US, we jumped right in. Partnering with marketing, product and sales teams, we designed a consumer-focused marketing website that prioritizes user-experience and information consumption, while helping guide users through the many layers of product details, solution sets and supporting content. To date, the new site boasts higher engagement numbers for site visitors, including higher sessions per user, pages per session, and session duration, as well as a lower bounce rate than the previous FCPA websites. With the new CMS for the site, Fujitsu can easily maintain and update the site to keep it fresh and timely on a regular basis.


Pharmavite – a leader of brands like Nature Made, MegaFood, EQUELLE and nurish – wanted to design and build a new website that further solidified the company’s reputation for quality and science leadership. Through a complete corporate website overhaul, we helped Pharmavite better convey the company’s mission and brand to potential new hires, corporate partners and investors. The design and site architecture serves both the consumer visitor as well as external partner needs. Updated SEO and optimized content throughout the site help the company appear in desired search results. As the company continues to grow, a simple yet powerful WordPress content management system affords Pharmavite’s corporate communications department mastery over ongoing updates to the website, including easily adding news items, press releases, and visual promotions.


BlueOcean needed a partner to design the first version of their AI-driven brand analytics platform who both understood data and analytics, and had the chops to design a consumer-grade experience that stood out from the competitive landscape. That’s where we came in. Through a design-driven approach, we created an intuitive web experience that allows users to explore the data at multiple altitudes. The design features a highly-branded data visualization language that is instantly recognizable; the experience provides a narrative to enable brand managers to contextualize brand performance; and support for desktop and mobile ensures that all users can access the platform at any time. Since the launch of their flagship product, they have experienced rapid client and revenue growth.




Sitecore is the global leader in experience management software that enables context marketing. Sitecore is a Strategic Technology Partner with AMP Agency's AMPXD team. We have 10 Certified Architects and Developers with over 10 years of experience architecting, delivering and managing ECM solutions on Sitecore. AMP's team has architected complex ECM solutions integrated with Marketing Automation, CRM and ERP platforms for several Fortune 500 companies.
Robert Balmaseda, SVP of AMPXD, was a featured speaker at 2 Sitecore Symposiums and a Gartner Conference and co-authored a featured White-Paper on Sitecore Scalability.

wp-engine-1-logo-svg-vector (1)-1


WP Engine is a technology company that focuses on powering WordPress experiences. It is a large-scale, highly-managed service awarded by Gartner’s Customer’s Choice for powering WordPress experiences. WP Engine’s platform offers exceptional security and scalability along with an unrivaled level of technical support 24/7 and operational advice for managing high-growth sites. WPEngine is a Strategic Technology Partner with AMP Agency's AMPXD team.



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