Stories that connect. Creative that delivers.


Integrated brands understand the mission-critical value of a strong creative story being told consistently and compellingly across every consumer touchpoint.

If the prologue to that story is a data-driven, consumer-centric brief, the epilogue is results that drive business success. The story that unfolds between is what brings about lasting connections between consumers and brands. Successful brands write their story in reverse, identifying the end they want and building toward it. Telling that story requires a dedication to the craft. The craft of finding beauty in data and inspiration in insights. The craft of transforming a brief into a connective thread that unifies a message. The craft of weaving together language, design, technology and media to build brand love, leave a lasting impression and give consumers that final nudge in the right direction. And to sell stuff. That’s important, too.


AMP Creative teems with talent that runs the gauntlet of expertise and capabilities. This lets us build a bespoke team tailored toward a brand’s ethos, target consumer, shopping journey and stylistic needs. No task is too large or obscure for our tribe of movie buffs, side hustle photographers, coders and hackers, gadget and tech enthusiasts and avid epicureans, just to name a few. We often find that our passions outside the office not only deepen our understanding of different industries and markets, but also helps us craft creative rooted in data, strategic insights and technology.

Here are the creative agency service things we’re good at.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Design & Copy
  • Web & Application Design
  • Technology Integration
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Video Production
  • Content Creation
  • Event Production
  • Photography
  • Sound Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice Over
  • Animation



The days of a motley crew of creatives sitting in a room and just ‘seeing what sticks’ are over. A fully developed brand story has grown beyond a collection of catchy headlines and cool visuals.  It is anchored by a deep immersion in the brand  from its creative spirit and business needs to its consumer base and competitive space. From there it takes a diligent process to equip our (admittedly motley) crew with the tools needed to craft a unique story to meet every brand’s unique creative needs. Here’s how our creative agency squad does it.

Strategize: What are we trying to accomplish, and how do we make it happen? Our first step is to synthesize consumer, market and competitive intelligence into a creative brief that illuminates breakthrough insights to drive smart, strategic creative.

Concept: A true big idea is the output of thoughtful data consumption, a deep understanding of consumer, brand and marketplace, and cross-functional integration that is brought to life via the craft of turning an idea into a story rich in insights and inspiration.

Collaborate: The best stories come to life when co-authored by creative agency and brand. So we treat the creative process more as collective workshopping between agency disciplines and brand stakeholders than binary critiquing ping-ponged from client-to-vendor-and-back.

Test: Nothing is ever done on the first try. With a test-learn-optimize philosophy baked into our DNA, work is thoroughly evaluated and enhanced through qualitative and quantitative research, user testing, and regimented QA processes before any creative is placed before a consumer.

Support: Listing every program and tool we have at our disposal would make this section incredibly long. So here’s the short of it: we use whatever resources we need in order to create and execute in the best, most effective way.

Build: From front-and back-end web, app and display development to quick-turn content creation and script-to-storyboard-to-shoot-to-post broadcast  and anything in between  we have the team and the tools to turn concept into reality.

Optimize: The work of a full service creative agency doesn’t stop after creative goes live. Rigorously monitoring performance analytics, brand health metrics and social chatter let us assess, adjust and optimize to deliver the story  and the results  your brand is looking for.



Whether it’s integrating data and technology or tailoring our creative based on strategic insights, we’ll find the best solution to generate the most impactful results for your brand. Did we mention it will also look really nice, too? Here’s a look at some of our work.


Since 1977, Maruchan has been making America’s highest quality Ramen noodles. With a tasty product, competitive pricing and mass distribution, their long run as the leading product in the market is no surprise. However, as competitors move to steal market share, they turned to us to defend their current position and expand their appeal to busy moms.


As the original men’s grooming brand, Just For Men has been letting guys know it’s okay to care about their appearance  and to do something about it. But as the conversation around men’s grooming evolved, and new competition entered the marketplace, it was time to makeover the brand and encourage men everywhere to look, feel and be a little better.


PUMA has always been a brand that champions those who dare to push forward, unapologetically. So when it came to International Women’s Day, we wanted to help them chart their own path. To stand apart, we harnessed the power of global ambassadors who embody the change they want to see in the world. Instead of simply talking about International Women’s Day, we made it a call to action and inspire women everywhere to #DoYou.


Patagonia is driven by its mission statement – “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” While that message resonated with their existing core audience, the company wanted help connecting to a younger demographic. So we brought Patagonia’s philosophy to life and delivered it directly to people across the country.



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Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.

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