How we propelled ASUS’s Transformer Book Chi launch to success in a crowded sector.


As global computer manufacturer ASUS prepared to launch its new 2-in-1 laptop, the Transformer Book Chi, in the United States, it faced an uphill challenge. Heavy competition in the marketplace, limited domestic awareness, and an under-defined brand identity all stood as obstacles to a launch strictly confined to digital media.

Here’s how we helped ASUS create a digital-driven launch campaign, from big idea branding to post-launch success, across all digital channels.


  • Big Idea Platform Development
  • Creative & Content Development
  • Web & Mobile Development
  • Programmatic Media Buying
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Influencer Campaign
  • Display Advertising
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • SEO


In a crowded space of 2-in-1 laptop tablets, ASUS needed a way for its new ASUS Transformer Book Chi to stand out. With a limited owner base, low brand awareness, and a limited budget, the success of its launch rested solely on digital channels, without any support from traditional media.


The market had already become saturated with 2-in-1 laptops, so the novelty of the product and its features had already been covered by competitors. Instead, the appeal for Transformer Book Chi’s targeted millennial audience rested not in features, but in actually witnessing the power and versatility of the product in daily contexts – being used by people just like them.



Even without traditional media support, a digital driven launch campaign would require a powerful central idea that could engage consumers and differentiate the product. This idea would drive all brand communications at touch points throughout the digital ecosystem. So, that’s where we started.

Big Idea Tagline: It’s Easy To Get Attached

One of Transformer Book Chi’s key differentiators is its innovative hinging mechanism that enables costumers to detach and re-attach the product in ingenious new ways. We leveraged this feature, along with the portability it offers, to develop the campaign tagline :It’s Easy To Get Attached.

This lighthearted invitation speaks to both the unprecedented convenience the product offers as well as the promise of the irreplaceable role it will play in consumer lives.

Product Experience Page: Crafting An Engaging Story

We designed an elegant product landing page that illustrates the ASUS Transformer Book Chi’s compelling innovations and the advantages it offers to the lifestyles of young, active, creative consumers. The content we created for this page was also repurposed and shared with digital distributors for e-commerce purposes.


Rich Media Units: Reaching Consumers Throughout The Funnel

To further extend the launch campaign, we created display and social ads in partnership with Microsoft and Intel. These build upon the core campaign messaging idea, while also adhering to our partners’ strict brand requirements. The ads were executed with a programmatic media buy that targeted consumers at every point throughout the purchase funnel – featuring customized messaging to consumers depending on whether they were in the awareness, interest, consideration or sales phases.


#GetAttached Influencer Campaign: Continuing The Conversation

We extended Transformer Book Chi’s online reach and awareness through a mix of owned, earned, and paid content amplification, collaborating with digital storytellers to co-create content that offered living proof of the Transformer Book Chi’s everyday usefulness. Choosing contributors that align with target interests, our #GetAttached campaign fueled experiences for discovery and highlighted the best-in-class features that connect with the demographic online.


Our #GetAttached digital storytellers were given a Transformer Book Chi with an added twist: They were challenged to select from a number of relevant missions and then share how they either Go, Play, Create, or Work with the Transformer Chi.

Fans who discover #GetAttached storyteller content are driven to find out more about the Chi family and learn how to Go, Play, Create, and Work for themselves at Visitors are greeted with the familiar user-generated photos as proof of how easily others were able to #GetAttached

ASUS further amplified #GetAttached imagery by sharing it on ASUS USA owned properties.




To implement this platform, we prioritized journey touch points, established channel roles and focused resources where Dole could achieve its greatest impact.


Campaign Idea & Tagline

Drives awareness and interest in new product launch.

Product Experience Page

Generates demand and drives to retail.

Targeted Rich Media Display Ads

Engage consumers with messaging tailored to their specific position within the purchase funnel.

Influencer Campaign

Extends online reach and social media awareness.


Our three month story-driven launch campaign, propelled by targeted messaging that engaged consumers at every point in the purchase funnel, helped fuel Transformer Book Chi’s launch to exceed ASUS’s launch projections and position it as a formidable competitor in the ultra-competitive 2-in-1 laptop space.


+ 26.2%

Awareness Phase Search Conversion Rate


Clicks Above Projection


Total Social Engagement

+ 4MM

Social Reach Over 3 Month Period

+ 66K

Likes, 2K Comments - Instagram

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